Four Rolls Sheet Cutting Machine

Four Rolls Sheet Cutting Machine

Product Description

Compared with the other cutter, the intelligent high-speed precision rotary sheeting machine has many advantages:

1, main cutting knife
The main cutting knife is produced in Germany, it adops high precision and special alloy knife, which has a long service and easy to be maintained. The up knife cut reciprocally and the down knife is fixed, there is the certain Angle between them, it is designed to look like "scissors", and it effectively reduces the noise of cutting the paper and makes the paper smooth flat without flash.
2, AC servo motor transmission
The control system of the cutting paper machine contains AC servo motor transmission, coder, PLC and server, the electrical elements are produced in the Japanese Mitsubishi and Matsushita, it has a long service and is not changed in ten years.
3, contrary flexure devices
LXC1400/1700 high-speed rotary paper sheeter has the contrary flexure devices to avoid the last paper curl, The contrary flexure devices not only reduce the friction and static produced by transmitting of the paper, but also makes the paper smooth and neat.
4, tension control system
The machine equip with the tension control system, according the paper scroll is big or small, the paper tension can be adjusted by the ways of compression and decompression, it makes the paper tension is balanced in process of the paper transport, and feeding the paper unhinderedly
5, guide margin system
The high-speed rotary cutter equip with the automatic guide margin system, it adops electric induction devices, automatically follows the lean of the paper, it makes the up and down paper parallel overlapping by automatical swing from left to right.

Main Technical Variables
Model: LXC-1400------------------------- LXC-1700
Cutting accuracy: ± 0.5mm/m---------------- ± 0.5mm/m
Max cutting speed: 300sheet/min -------------300sheet/min
Max cutting meter speed: 300m/min -----------300m/min
Cutting length range: 450~1450mm-----------450~1450mm
Gross weight: 11, 000kgs -----------------------12, 000kgs
Paper-piling height: 1300mm-------------------- 1300mm
Reference weight of cutting-paper: 60~550g ------------60~550g

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